I’m excited to announce Whispers & Wonder’s first community event!
May I present to you:

Call to Arms

The Indie Giveaway
Giffing Tourney

A recurring Twitter contest, in which I will enlist an indie author to help me judge who of you is Champion of the GIFs.

So, it pretty much goes like this:

You shall be the swarming Ramsay army. Jon Snow, our hero, will be a new author semi-monthly. They get to pick the theme of the battle and you will bombard them with your best GIFs! Once the contest is over, they will choose their favorite, and the winner receives the coveted prize of the tourney. Which is a book. No smooches or vows of the peacock here, so if that’s what you were expecting, please see yourself out.


  • Each contest will be announced on Twitter – author, book, and theme will be revealed.
  • You respond with your best GIF, add #CallToArms, then retweet to enter.
  • Submissions will remain open for three (3) days. I will send out a tweet when the contest closes.
  • Once closed, I hand over the baton to the author to pick their Champion.
  • Finally, the Champion is sent their prize. Oh, and the contest is open to all!

And that’s about it! So, come on over to Twitter and keep an eye out for a Call to Arms in the near future. I hope to see you there!


For honor and glory!

Past Contests

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