Fractured Shadows by K.A. Knight and Kendra Moreno

by Justine Bergman

Fractured Shadows by K.A. Knight and Kendra Moreno
PUBLISHED: October 21, 2022
PAGES: 383
GENRE: Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance



The Blurb

Our lands are fractured.

Split into three since before my birth…. but they were not always this way.

Once we prospered, magic filling our lands before it was locked away with them.

The monsters.

Now we suffer, we starve even as our king grows stronger.


And then one day my sister is called upon, to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Unable to lose the one person I love, I take her place willingly.

Protecting her the only way I can.

My name is Cora Black and I’m barely twenty years old when I’m sacrificed to the monsters.

If only they knew that I crave the same darkness that lives within their monstrous facades.

If only the king knew I am just as much a monster as them.

Shadows save me, Shadows guide me.

Shadows fracture me.

The Review

A spellbinding tale of magic, heartache and a love that transcends death, Fractured Shadows is a captivating standalone dark fantasy romance novel from authors K.A. Knight and Kendra Moreno. Readers embark on an arduous journey to heal the fractured land, in turn restoring the peace amongst all. This was my why choose monster story, as well as my first read from Moreno, and I immediately developed an overwhelming craving for more. 

Knight and Moreno build a stunning and finely crafted world rich in both culture and history. We’re submerged in a world fractured into three realms – one of greed, one of poverty, and one of monsters; the last secluded for centuries. Magic, which once flooded every corner of the land, is now stifled and coveted by all. In the human realms, there exists an unbalanced society where both women and the destitute are abused and viewed as property to be used, traded or sacrificed. It’s a nation in dire need of change, and that change is on the horizon.

At the heart of this story lies some of the most beautiful characterization I’ve experienced this year. Cora Black is our strong female lead who has always taken on the role of protector, and that’s not about to change. With a drive to sacrifice herself for her sister’s happiness and the greater good, every obstacle in her path is conquered. You can’t help but cheer for her to succeed in the face of adversity as she displays such unexpected profound strength. While she’s a beacon of shining light, there’s a darkness that resides inside…and like always seems to call to like.

Cora doesn’t complete her pilgrimage alone. No, she has her monsters. Minotaurs, dark fey, kraken, naga, orcs and gargoyles, oh my! Cora connects with her monsters along her journey, in turn bringing all walks of life together. Each has their own voice and…unique anatomical characteristics, and each is attracted to the magic she unknowingly possesses. While they all want a taste of that magic – and trust me, there’s lots of steaming tasting – they also want to protect and cherish it.

The legend of Cora and her monsters is told in a fluid, seamless manner, evidence of a perfect partnership between its authors. The incredible plot gently unfurls along the journey, revealing the grand puzzle piece by piece. Surprising revelations come to light, chemistry between characters is off the charts, and we’re presented a crusade of retribution that is so extremely satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time between the covers of Fractured Shadows, and the ending is exactly what I could have hoped for in a standalone romance novel. I’m excited to read more from this duo in the future. If you’re on the hunt for a super steamy monster romance accompanied by a fantastic, enchanting narrative, then this may be just the one you’re looking for. Loved it.

My Rating: 4

Note: A huge thank you to the authors for providing me with a complementary advance review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

CW: Check your triggers!

The Authors

K.A Knight is a Romance author from a little town in England. She writes the monsters you love to hate. The crazier the better.

She loves her fur babies, coffee and a good book. Katie also has an obsession with monster flicks, and plans to re-watch them all!


Kendra Moreno is secretly a spy but when she’s not dealing in secrets and espionage, you can find her writing her latest adventure. She lives in Texas where the summer days will make you melt, and southern charm comes free with every meal. She’s a recovering Road Rager (kind of) and slowly overcoming her Star Wars addiction (nope!), and she definitely didn’t pass on her addiction to her son (she did). She has one hellhound named Mayhem who got tired of guarding the Gates of Hell and now guards her home against monsters. She’s a geek, a mother, a scuba diver, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a wordsmith who sometimes switches out her pen for a sword. 

If you see Kendra on the streets, don’t worry: you can distract her with talks about Kylo Ren or Loki. 

#LokiLives #BringBackBenSolo


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