The Crimson Fathers by J. Todd Kingrea

by Justine Bergman

Today I’m excited to share J. Todd Kingrea’s upcoming sophomore addition to his dark fantasy The Deiparian Saga, The Crimson Fathers. Last year I invited Kingrea to W+W for an interview where we had a chat about the first book in this series, The Witchfinder – you can check that out here – and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share some bookish love this time around. Keep scrolling to learn more about The Crimson Fathers, and don’t forget to add to your TBR and pre-order your copy!

Not long now, The Crimson Fathers will be available November 1, 2022!

The Crimson Fathers by J. Todd Kingrea
SERIES: The Deiparian Saga (#2)
PUBLISHED: November 1, 2022
GENRE: Dark Fantasy, Dystopian
PAGES: 322



The Blurb

In a post-apocalyptic world where tyranny and medieval torture reign supreme and witch burnings are an everyday occurrence, a top Witchfinder must confront the very Church he serves when he learns of its dark past and twisted plans for the future.

With the Fifth Order in complete control of the Church of the Deiparous, Malachi Thorne and his friends must find “The Flame,” a powerful weapon which may be the only chance they have of halting the evil of the Crimson Fathers.

The Author

J. Todd Kingrea is the author of the Deiparian Saga, which includes The Witchfinder, The Crimson Fathers, and Bane of the Witch (slated for a 2024 release). An ordained pastor, he lives with his wife in Tennessee with their dogs, plenty of 80s metal, and an ever-expanding movie collection.

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