It Was Only a Kiss by Ashley Michele

by Justine Bergman

It Was Only a Kiss by Ashley Michele
PUBLISHED: August 1, 2022
PAGES: 133
GENRE: Romance, Erotica



The Blurb

♡ Kinky
♡ Dark
♡ Plus-sized FMC
♡ Ménage
♡ Taboo

I’ve been in love with my step brother, DeLuca, and his father, Matteo Vencetti, since the moment I laid eyes on them, which is exactly why I wound up twenty years old-with my virginity intact and my first kiss still dripping off my lips. So when my step-brother made the first move it’s really no wonder that I fell straight into their carefully crafted trap.

It was insane to think they both wanted me, to think I could have everything I’d ever wanted at the tip of my fingers. The only thing standing in my way was my spiteful, cheating mother.

The mind games, the manipulation, the pleasure-they drove me insane, knowing exactly how to play me.

But God, does it feel good to be crazy.

♡ This is a dark, taboo, erotic romance. As always a detailed list of TWs + SCWs can be found on my website: please read responsibly.

The Review

It Was Only a Kiss is one of those books you think you’re prepared for, but you really have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. This is a short novella showcasing a forbidden romance that has been brewing for years and a night of firsts with levels of depravity I never knew I needed. I did. I needed all of it. It’s hot, it’s taboo, it’s absolutely filthy and I loved every second of it. There, I said it. 

Mia has been vehemently avoiding her desires for her step-brother, DeLuca, and step-father, Matteo, for years. But that all changes tonight as plans shift into action. What begins as a moment of fevered hesitance detonates into an evening of wickedness. You think you know what’s about to happen, then Michele tosses in a twist that blows your mind.

This whole tale is all about letting go of control and allowing your darkness to come out and play. With a deliciously healthy dusting of body positivity and acknowledging your self worth, A Kiss is an incredible story of power and retribution. Unexpected? Yes. Unwelcome? Absolutely not. 

Let’s talk characters. Mia, the virginal college student knows exactly what she wants…and she needs to finally sate her cravings. DeLuca is equal parts deranged and violent, the archetypal possessive alphahole who will go any lengths to take and keep what’s his. In contrast to DeLuca’s harshness, Matteo is a bit softer, playing the role of the protector, but he has his own hidden agendas and allows himself to do unspeakable things in order to achieve his goals. To say the dynamics between the three are volatile would be the understatement of the year, power shifting at any given moment, but damn, does it make for an exhilarating narrative. Finally…DeLuca’s mouth. Yes, that thing is a character in and of itself. The words that spew from that mouth…*sign of the cross* 🥵

I want to send a huge shoutout to the ladies over at the Dark and Depraved Discord server for incessantly gushing about this book. It was definitely the smut break I needed to avoid the emotional damage of the novels I’ve been reading lately (a promise made, and a promise delivered!). If you’re on the hunt for a quick, filthy read, THIS 👏 MAY 👏 BE 👏 THE 👏 ONE. Loved it, gimme more.

P.S. Mind the warnings, puh-lease.

My Rating: 4.5

The Author

Ashley Michele is your neighborhood queer little witch. She likes snark, stuffies and dark, fantastical things. She also enjoys writing about mixed latina plus sized babies such as herself getting to live out their best lives with queer and kinky loving.

She has a BA from Florida State University that she still hasn’t opened. When she’s not doing library things or sending hour long voice notes to someone she loves she can usually be found in her hammock between the trees of her swamp or laying out, listening to an audio while she paints and catches some sun.

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