Cover Reveal: The Warrior Poet by Sharon Lynn Fisher

by Justine Bergman

Have you ever found that one magical series that’s so very unlike anything you’re accustomed to reading, but ticks all the right boxes and you adore it? The Faery Rehistory by the lovely Sharon Lynn Fisher is that series for me. Historical Fantasy meets Irish/Celtic Mythology meets Steampunk, all infused with slow-burn romance and edge-of-your-seat action…I just love every single thing about these books.

Today I’m honored to team up with Tammy at Books, Bones & Buffy to show off the absolutely beautiful cover of The Warrior Poet, the epic finale of The Faery Rehistory. Sharon also graciously stopped by to give us a bit of insight into how a real poet made his way into this wonderful story of hers. So, keep scrolling to see the cover in all its glory, learn more about the book, and check out a behind the scenes peek into The Warrior Poet by the author herself!

The Warrior Poet is scheduled to be released October 12, 2021!

Without further ado, may I present
The Warrior Poet

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The Book

They searched for each other in dreams. Then they traveled through time to save Ireland.

Portland book artist Neve Kelly is having weird visions—vivid daydreams of lovers on a battlefield that yank her out of reality. A couple weeks before Halloween, a confused, strangely dressed man appears in her living room. He drops a slip of paper that describes a dream much like her own before disappearing without a trace.

Will Yeats has had enough of heroics. With the peace between Ireland and its enemies restored, he plans to spend the next decade quietly writing his Irish fairy history. But suddenly he’s time-traveling again. He briefly visits the home of an intriguing stranger, who appears to be American. The next time he’s drawn there, he finds her being sucked through a ghastly hole in her ceiling.

Will saves Neve by carrying her back to 1888 Ireland, where he learns that not only is she from more than a century in the future, but from a parallel world where fairies and Tuatha De Danaan heroes are no more than myth. Their dreams of ancient lovers have brought them together … but why? Dark portents surround them—portents bearing the mark of the Morrigan’s meddling—and they soon discover it’s all part of a sinister scheme to seize the throne of Ireland. And the love story from their dreams has begun to manifest in the present moment.

Will’s friends—Irish Queen Isolde and her allies—are depending on Will and Neve to connect with the past in order to save Ireland. But can anything save them from the violent end that dreams have foreshadowed?



How a real Irish poet wound up in the Faery Rehistory series
by Sharon Lynn Fisher

I have loved every minute of writing the three books in this series, each with its own unique couple and story arc, but there is something special about The Warrior Poet. One of the things I love is that it gave me the opportunity to complete a story I thought was dead. I’d written a few chapters of a book with this heroine (Neve Kelly) about six years ago and hit a wall with it. (Ouch.) When I was planning this series, it occurred to me that I’d cannibalized a bit of that old unfinished story. Then I realized that, actually, what I’d done was finally fleshed out its history. 

For The Warrior Poet, I started with the bones and first few chapters of that story, and at the point I’d gotten stuck before, transported the heroine to 19th-century Ireland. That’s where the hero, a fictionalized version of poet W.B. Yeats, comes in (“Will”)—which is the second thing that makes this story special to me. 

I did a lot of research for the Faery Rehistory series, and relied heavily on the folk tales collected by Yeats in his books Celtic Twilight and Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry. I was so inspired by his books and poetry that I gave him a cameo in book one, The Absinthe Earl. Once I’d created a young Yeats who served as crew and historian on a fairy airship captained by the ghost of Irish pirate queen Grace O’Malley—well, how do you not revisit a character like that? 

So Yeats got a key role in the Battle of Knock Ma in book two, The Raven Lady. That’s where we began to see his heroic potential, and where he acquired an ability that’s critical to the plot of book three: time travel. 

The real Yeats was whimsical in his youth, enamored of the fairies and folk heroes of his country. Making him a fairy seer and folk hero himself felt like a fitting tribute. Will and Neve of The Warrior Poet also share a connection with Oisin and Niamh, key figures in a popular Celtic myth, and the real Yeats wrote an epic poem about the pair. All of it just felt…well, like fate.

The Author

Sharon Lynn Fisher writes smart, twisty, passionate tales—mash-ups of science fiction, fantasy, and slow-burn romance set in lush and atmospheric worlds. Her books have been praised and recommended by Booklist, Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, and RT Book Reviews. 

Sharon has published sci-fi romance with Tor Books and erotic fairy tales with Penguin Random House. Her historical fantasy trilogy The Faery Rehistory is being published by Blackstone Publishing. Book Riot included the first book in the series, The Absinthe Earl, in its 20 Must-Read Fantasy Romance Books.

A city mouse who was dragged by her country-mouse-aspiring family to an acreage just outside Seattle, Sharon is mom to two brilliant teens, two ridiculous goats, an orange cat and orange mare, and a fluctuating number of poultry. When she’s not writing, you’ll mostly find her wandering the woods looking for fairies.


Happy Reading!

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