Storytellers On Tour Presents: Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang

by Justine Bergman
Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang

Today I’m excited to be taking part in the Songs of Insurrection Book Blitz presented by Storytellers On Tour in celebration of the release of JC Kang’s Epic Coming-of-age Fantasy novel! Throughout the day you’ll be seeing features across blogs and social media showcasing this beautiful book of his, which is book one in The Dragon Songs Saga series. Want to learn more about the book? Keep scrolling for more info and to enter to win a paperback copy of his novella, Thorn of the Night Blossoms!

Oh, and there’s a launch promo going on as we speak. Anyone who orders Songs of Insurrection at the special launch price of $2.99 from March 12th through March 20th is eligible to receive a 6×9 double-sided cardstock print of the cover art of books one and two in The Dragon Songs Saga series! Get all the details here:

Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang

Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang
SERIES: The Dragon Songs Saga (#1)
PUBLISHED: March 12, 2021
PAGES: 441
GENRE:  Epic Fantasy, Coming-of-age



The Blurb

Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the world. Only an awkward girl with the perfect voice can rediscover it.

The Dragon Singers of old summoned typhoons and routed armies, liberating mankind from the orcs before fading into legend. Now, with the world again facing a new cataclysm, the power of music stirs in Kaiya, a naïve misfit with the perfect voice.

Without a master to guide her, she must rely on Hardeep, a disgraced foreign paladin, to help awaken her latent magic. His motives might not be entirely noble. When he leads her to the fabled Dragon Scale Lute, which only a Dragon Singer can wield, it is up to Black Lotus Clan to intervene.

Because the instrument’s fell power can save the world…

Or destroy it.

Smartly paced, with cross-cutting chapters that advance the plot along its intertwined story lines, this novel propels the reader through its colorful narrative. The author carefully balances action and intrigue with a modest fantasy element to keep the story’s plot twists unpredictable.”

A Publishers Weekly Booklife Prize Quarterfinalist

Part spy thriller, part epicfantasy, and part romance, this book really has something for everyone.”

Book Riot’s Top 8 Adult Dragon Stories

“Kang builds a beautifully balanced world with stirring characters and an unpredictable plot in this epic series that’s finely crafted down to the last detail.”

Emily R. King, author of the Hundredth Queen series 

The Author

JC KangJC Kang’s unhealthy obsession with Fantasy and Sci-Fi began at an early age when his brother introduced him to The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek, and Star Wars. As an adult, he combines his geek roots with his professional experiences as a Chinese Medicine doctor, martial arts instructor, and technical writer to pen epic fantasy stories.


The Giveaway

Enter to win a paperback copy of Thorn of the Night Blossoms by JC Kang! One copy is looking to find its forever home.
Ends March 15th – International!

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That’s all I got for ya! Be sure to keep an eye out throughout the day, because there will be more excellent features spotlight JC Kang’s Songs of Insurrection. Don’t forget to head on over to Amazon to pick up your copy today!

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Happy Reading!

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