Call to Arms: Voice of War by Zack Argyle

by Justine Bergman
Voice of War by Zack Argyle

Knights of the Realm, it’s been a while since we’ve battled for glory! The time has come to once again answer the call! Join me and the amazing Zack Argyle for some giffing madness in this round of Call to Arms. The coveted prize: an audiobook copy of his Epic Fantasy debut Voice of War. Head on over to Twitter to enter to win!

SERIES: Threadlight (#1)
PUBLISHED: March 19, 2020 (Self-published)
PAGES: 370
GENRE: Epic Fantasy


CONTEST STARTTuesday, September 8, 2020CONTEST ENDFriday, September 11, 2020THEMEParenthood

The rules are simple. Reply to this tweet with your best Parenthood GIF, add #CallToArms, and retweet to enter. The Tourney is open to knights who reside in the US and UK, so come on over to Twitter and bombard Zack with your best! Once the the contest ends, he’ll choose his favorites, and his Champion wins the loot. They’ll also take their rightful place in our Circle of Champions!

For more info, visit Call to Arms.

* So sorry, but the sword, phone, tablet, and baby keys are not included.


“Voice of War is a perfect blend of magic, family, and chaos that will leave you begging for the next installment. Fans of Brandon Sanderson will love this.”

Chrys Valerian is a threadweaver, a high general, and soon-to-be father. But to the people of Alchea, he is the Apogee—the man who won the war.

When a stranger’s prophecy foretells danger to Chrys’ child, he must do everything in his power to protect his family—even if the most dangerous enemy is the voice in his own head.

To the west, a sheltered girl seeks to find her place in the world.

To the south, a young man’s life changes after he dies.

Together, they will change the world—whether they intend to or not. 

The Author

Zack Argyle was raised with a wonderful family motto: don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. What better way than to write fiction? He spends his days writing code and his nights writing epic stories about family, love, loss, friendship, and pain all intermixed with a heavy dose of the fantastical.

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