Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach

by Justine Bergman
Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach

SERIES: Standalone
PUBLISHED: January 14, 2020 by The Parliament House
PAGES: 351
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult


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When Keegan’s father, the Demon King of Fire, attempted to produce an heir, a surge of light energy interrupted the process. One tiny piece of the newly forming demon broke off. That piece is Keegan. For years, he has attempted to lay low, watching from the shadows while his monstrous brother Aidan, the true Prince of Fire, is groomed for the throne.

Keegan’s shaky status quo is shattered when one of his father’s power-plays goes horribly wrong. He is cast to Earth and forced to work with a suddenly powerless Aidan. The two brothers must cooperate to complete an impossible task and avoid being cast forever into the abyss. As if having to spend time with his beastly other half wasn’t bad enough, Keegan must adapt to living on Earth, wielding his new human vessel, and dealing with his demonic appetite without harming the human creatures for whom he has always cared.

As Keegan and Aidan work to save themselves, questions arise. What exactly was the King of Fire up to, that sparked their Master’s interest enough to cast them from the Demon Realm? Can Aidan be trusted in his new human form, complete with emotions, or is he the same unfeeling creature he’s always been? And why are so many demons suddenly invested in the outcome of the brothers’ trial? The only thing Keegan knows for certain is that whether he succeeds or fails at the task, the consequences for the Demon Realm and for Earth itself will be catastrophic.



They do it because they’re human; beautifully imperfect. And then they pick themselves up again and keep going.

Adramelech, Demon King of Fire, seeks the means to expand his influence within the underworld, and what better way to harness the limitless power of trapped souls than to design the perfect weapon, an heir. However, The Morningstar has other plans, and through a violent blast of Holy Fire, the Fire King’s creation is fractured. The result: Aidan and Keegan Fire, princeling twins, who couldn’t possibly be any more different from one another. The warrior and the scholar, vacant and passionate, obedient and free-willed. Centuries pass, and they live their predetermined lives, until one day…an act of defiance, a punishment, and an awakening. Can the brothers find common ground to prevent the end of all?

Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach is a unique and impactful story that really took me by surprise. I’ve seen this labelled as Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy, but I have to admit there are some very mature, serious themes throughout its pages, the most prominent being what it means to truly be human. That anyone is capable of anything, both good and evil, as long as the precursors are present and the reasoning is sound. We, as humankind, are flawed, are destined to make mistakes, are meant to hurt and fail, then use this fuel to learn and succeed. This story also highlights the bonds of family, and their strength to overcome adversity in the most profound of ways. I adore this tale, and I think it’s one that everyone needs to consider.

This book contains a highly original and exceptionally told narrative that I devoured in two days. A weaving of past and present across multiple realms, it slowly and beautifully constructs and reveals the grand picture. Told through the eyes of both brothers to give readers access to all angles, it’s important to remember that nothing is as it seems, and shadows of deceit lurk around every corner. Wonderfully paced without a lull in sight, and expressed with a simple, yet effective prose, the raw emotion seeping from the pages as a result of facing the unknown and personal transformation is just extraordinary.

Monsters don’t cry.

Auerbach has created a great cast of complex and distinct characters, led by Aidan “Fire” and Keegan “Little Fire”; the former cursed to live as a human, and the latter doomed to live as a demon during their time on Earth. Their task abruptly drops them into a seaside town at the end of the summer months, and they’re forced to adapt to “normal” high school life as “normal” teens. While it proves a challenge, they ultimately learn more about not only those they come to meet, but themselves and each other, as well. With a patchwork group of meddling demons, and a band of emotionally-charged teenagers, there’s never a dull moment in the brothers’ journey.

I feel I need to mention one of my favorite aspects of this book, which would be the juxtaposition between the demon and human realms. The dry, fiery, and charred lands of the underworld, with its obsidian walls and sky, monumental frozen lake, all so devoid of life as we understand it. In contrast, Earth is exceedingly busy, with bursts of color and smells and sounds; Aidan’s and Keegan’s journey is their revival, allowing them to finally feel alive for the very first time.

Sons of Fire is an incredible standalone story about the dangerous consequences of all-consuming power and the deep effects of unconditional love, of choice and growth and sacrifice, and of fighting your own demons to find your true self. Auerbach’s vivid and imaginative storytelling is infused with just enough mystery and suspense to keep you guessing until the very end, making this a definite page-turner. If you’re looking for a fantastical tale of circumstance and destiny, mixed in with a little bit of love and a little bit of fire and brimstone, then this is the one you want. I highly recommend.

My Rating: 4

Note: A huge thank you to Parliament House for a complementary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and to Xpresso Book Tours for inviting me to participate in the Sons of Fire Book Blitz.

The Author

Tracy Auerbach

Tracy Auerbach is an author of science fiction and fantasy for teens and adults. As an avid reader with a vivid imagination, she chose to study film, English, and education, and went on to teach and write STEM curriculum for the New York Department of Education. This helped to polish her writing skills and ignite her passion for science fiction and fantasy. 

Her first scholarly article, published in Language Magazine, was about the value of active, creative learning in science. On the fiction side, Tracy’s work has been featured in the online literary journal Micro-horror, The Writing Disorder fiction anthology, and the “(Dis)ability” short story anthology, in addition to her novels.

When she is not teaching or writing, Tracy is usually reading or spending time with her family. She lives in New York with her husband and sons.


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