Call to Arms: The Sunken City Trilogy Giveaway

by Justine Bergman
Call to Arms: The Sunken City Trilogy

The time has come to heed the call, Knights of the realm! Join me and the amazing Phil Williams for this extra special holiday round of Call to Arms! The coveted prize of this Tourney: his entire initial story arc of the Ordshaw series, The Sunken City Trilogy, which is available TODAY! This collector’s omnibus edition contains three full-length novels: Under Ordshaw, Blue Angel, and The Violent Fae!


CONTEST STARTTuesday, December 3, 2019CONTEST ENDFriday, December 6, 2019THEMETHE FAIRIES MADE ME DO IT

The rules are simple. Reply to this tweet with your best THE FAIRIES MADE ME DO IT GIF, add #CallToArms, and retweet to enter. The Tourney is open to knights all throughout the realm (worldwide), so come on over to Twitter and bombard Phil with your best! Once the the contest ends, he’ll choose his favorite, and his Champion wins the loot. They’ll also take their rightful place in our Circle of Champions!

For more info, visit Call to Arms.

* So sorry, but the sword and phone are not included.


Welcome to Ordshaw.

Don’t look down.

Pax thought she knew the dark side of Ordshaw. A poker pro who hustles bankers and gangsters, she can take care of herself. But she’s about to discover the shadows hide worse things than criminals.

When a thief steals her bankroll, it could cost Pax her home. Following his trail unearths a labyrinthine mystery that could cost Pax her life.

People have disappeared simply for realising what’s lurking under Ordshaw.

To get her life back, Pax needs to go much further than that.

Will Pax’s findings put the whole city at risk? Will her new allies prove more dangerous than the monstrous enemy?

Will she even be able to survive another day?

The Sunken City Trilogy collects the first complete arc in the Ordshaw series in one collectible edition, including Under Ordshaw, Blue Angel and The Violent Fae. Get the complete set now.

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