Call to Arms: God of Gnomes Giveaway

by Justine Bergman

Knights of the Realm, it’s time to heed the call once again! Join me and the incredible Demi Harper for this round of Call to Arms! The coveted prize of the Tourney: her exciting and entertainingly bizarre LitRPG debut God of Gnomes*, the first installment in the God Core series.



The rules are simple. Reply to this tweet with your best ANIMAL BUDDIES GIF, add #CallToArms, and retweet to enter. The Tourney is open to knights all throughout the realm (worldwide), so come on over to Twitter and bombard Demi with your best! Once the the contest ends, she’ll choose her favorite, and her Champion wins the loot. They’ll also take their rightful place in our Circle of Champions!

For more info, visit Call to Arms.

* So sorry, but the daggers and phone are not included.


What kind of god would you be?

Deep beneath the earth, Corey finds himself reborn as a God Core – a sentient crystal with unusual powers. His new worshipers? A colony of incompetent gnomes, scratching out an existence in their underground grotto.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Corey soon realizes that his gnome denizens are about to become extinct. They are threatened by groups of blundering adventurers, and abducted by raiding kobolds to be sacrificed to their own dark god: an ancient, mysterious foe who does not take kindly to Corey’s arrival.

With the aid of his helper sprite and a menagerie of newly evolved creatures, Corey must protect and guide his gnomes until they can stand on their own two feet. But the kobold army is on the march, led by his new rival’s powerful avatar.

It’s a hard rock life, being a God Core.

About the Author

Demi Harper is a pseudonym of Laura M. Hughes, a freelance editor and fantasy writer living in the north of England. Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Lost Lore and Art of War; she founded The Fantasy Hive in 2017, and has also written numerous articles for and Fantasy Faction.

Her initiation into gaming came during her college days, when she cut her teeth on her first RPGs: Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and (her personal favourite) Neverwinter Nights. This passion for gaming endured and developed further once she encountered the Final Fantasy franchise. After playing (and replaying, re-replaying) the adventures of Terra, Cloud, Zidane and co., she moved on to Fable and Dragon Age, and maintains to this day that she and Morrigan would be the firmest of friends if only the opportunity would arise for them to meet.

More recently, books such as Dungeon Born by Dakota Krout, Life Reset by Shemer Kuznits and the Stonehaven League series by Carrie Summers led her towards a new love of LitRPG. Enthralled by its possibilities, reading within the genre inspired her to create a story that would combine aspects of real-time strategy games such as Dungeon Keeper with her old love of RPGs. God of Gnomes (God Core #1) is her first novel.

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