Call to Arms: Guild of Tokens Giveaway

by Justine Bergman

The time has come again to heed the call! Knights, join me and the incredible Jon Auerbach for this round of Call to Arms! The coveted prize of the Tourney: his mystery-infused urban fantasy with a twist Guild of Tokens*, the first installment in the Guild of Tokens series.


CONTEST STARTWednesday, October 2, 2019CONTEST ENDSaturday, October 5, 2019THEMEEPIC QUESTS

The rules are simple. Reply to this tweet with your best EPIC QUESTS GIF, add #CallToArms, and retweet to enter. The Tourney is open to knights all throughout the realm (worldwide), so come on over to Twitter and bombard Jon with your best! Once the the contest ends, he’ll choose his favorite, and his Champion wins the loot. They’ll also take their rightful place in our Circle of Champions!

For more info, visit Call to Arms.

* So sorry, but the glaive and phone are not included.


She wants to level up her humdrum existence. But her next quest could spell life or death.

All Jen Jacobs has achieved in life is loneliness. So when she stumbles across a real-life game of epic quests on the streets of New York, she jumps at the chance for some excitement and gold tokens. Little does she know that the items she strives to collect hold a darker purpose…

After a particularly harrowing quest pairs her up with Beatrice Taylor, a no-nonsense and ambitious mentor, Jen hopes she’s on the path to becoming a big-time player. But as she dives deeper into the game’s hidden agenda, she realizes Beatrice has her sights set on the Guild, the centuries-old organization that runs the Questing game. And the quests Jen loves are about to put both of them in grave danger.

Will Jen survive the game before powerful forces cut her real life short?

Guild of Tokens is a thrilling new twist on conventional urban fantasy. If you like determined heroines, gritty cityscapes, and vampire-free adventures, then you’ll love Jon Auerbach’s rollercoaster tale.

About the Author

Jon Auerbach’s love of fantasy began at the tender age of six, when his parents bought him the classic 1977 animated version of The Hobbit (the less said about the recent trilogy, the better). His passion for sci-fi developed from nights watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and from his dad’s old paperback copies of Foundation and I, Robot.

Jon writes in both genres and hopes to pass on his stories to the next generation, including his kids, who have their own copy of The Hobbit that they lovingly call “the Bilbo book.”


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