Call to Arms: Fortune’s Fool Giveaway

by Justine Bergman

Knights of the realm, answer the call! Join me and the lovely Angela Boord for this round of Call to Arms! The coveted prize of this Tourney: her immaculate and incredibly beautiful character-driven debut Fortune’s Fool*, the first installment in the Eterean Empire series.

CONTEST STARTTuesday, July 23, 2019CONTEST ENDFriday, July 26, 2019THEMEARMS

The rules are simple. Reply to this tweet with your best ARMS GIF, add #CallToArms, and retweet to enter. The Tourney is open to knights all throughout the realm (worldwide), so come on over to Twitter and bombard Angela with your best! Once the the contest ends, she’ll choose her favorite, and her Champion wins the loot. They’ll also take their rightful place in our Circle of Champions!

While I have your attention, be sure to check out my review for Fortune’s Fool right here at Whispers & Wonder.

For more info, visit Call to Arms.

* So sorry, but the sword and phone are not included.

About the Author

Angela Boord published a handful of short stories in the early 00s, then had a bunch of kids who are now all sleeping at night, making it easier to write again. She lives in northwestern Mississippi with her husband and their nine kids, plus two dogs, one cat, and varying numbers of chickens. She is currently hard at work on more books in the Eterean Empire series and plans to release Book 1.5 in early 2020.


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